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Elite Dance of Tulsa Studio offers the highest level of dance classes in Tulsa, OK. Our dance studio classes instill the skill and discipline that young dancers need to build a foundation of success for life. Elite Dance Studio is one of the best dance schools in Tulsa! We offer Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, HipHop, Acro, and many other styles of dance.

Elite Offers Dance Classes For All Levels

Since opening in 2012, the Elite Dance of Tulsa studio has offered premium dance classes, lessons, and instruction for a range of ages, abilities, and interests.  We offer a full range of disciplines from Ballet and Tap to Acro and HipHop.

Dance instruction is offered for dancers as young as age 3, continuing through adolescence Level 3/4 and our Elite Company 4/5 classes.  Additionally, dancers who wish to be challenged and are interested in competing with the studio in the many annual competitions will have the chance to join Elite’s renowned competitive team.

We are thrilled to continue offering top-level instruction to dancers from Tulsa and surrounding towns! Get in touch today.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an elite level of dance instruction. We believe the skill and discipline required to be a great dancer help build a foundation of success for life. We hope our love of dance can inspire and motivate others to continue this art form.

Video Projects

At Elite Dance we endeavor to find creative ways to expose our students to fun and exciting opportunities.  Video projects are a unique way to experience choreography and movement in new environments and proves very rewarding.  This has become a method to take dance instruction outside of the studio and keep our classes motivated for new avenues of growth.  Just another reason to join our Elite Dance of Tulsa Competitive Company!

Photo Projects

Unique photography excursions can also be creative exercises to explore dance outside the studio class environment. We are always seeking new opportunities to combine photography and creative movement. We have found many of the unique geographical features in Oklahoma to be ideal backdrops!

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